things i think are pretty cool


youtube unblocker

simple thing that i made using a loophole involving iframes that can get past my schools proxy

queer punk

collection of queer fronted, woman fronted, and trans fronted punk bands from around the world

three js

cross-browser JavaScript library and application programming interface (links to a bunch of cool stuff)

bbc micro

3D simulation of a fully functional BBC MICRO (with some cool games you can load on it), pretty cool

webgl water

cool 'lil interactive realtime in-browser water physics simulation

particle life

probably best implementation of particle life (requires download)

more particle life

less powerful in-browser version

gene pool

realtime darwinian evolution

gravity tetris

tetris but the tetrominos fall with physics


scratch editor but it recompiles to javascript and removes scratch's limitations (good for me cos i suck at javascipt)

virus maker

make custom viruses (warning: possibly dangerous if you.. use the virus on yourself.)


maia arson crimew's blog on how it hacked an airline and found the U.S no-fly list

wad commander

run your own wad (wheres all the data?) files (doom or doom 2 levels) or play the original shareware doom

conways game of life

javascript implementation of the classic game of life