about me

pink-ish pickle

hello i am pink-ish pickle, im in highschool, and im a transgender girl (i am a stereotypical transfem right down to the blahaj, spinny skirts, and web development). howds is my fren (irl O:). my pronouns are she/her or she/they. I play guitar (not well), and sing (badly), i do some coding stuff (obviously). i used to solve rubiks cubes and make movies but now i've mostly stopped doing both of those things (although i may resume moving image arts next year). i am part of my schools d&d club and im a bit of a nerd. i live near portland, oregon (good place other than the gun violence and quite large population of houseless people). i don't know what else to put here, use the guestbook to ask me questions about myself if you're curious to know more about me for some reason (you weirdo).